8.9.2021- 3M Core 10-4 Murder Bunny Go Time (w/ Coupons)


Lightning Rod


Free Lunch


 Danish, Ghost, Kiwi, Whitney, Lumbergh, Walkman, welcomed FNG- Burn Deck


57 and overcast, excellent

Warm Up: 

Side Straddle Hops x25, 3rd Graders x15, Windmills x15, Quad Stretch 10 count, Hammy Stretch 10 count

Mosey to the field by tennis courts

The Thang:

Starting at bottom of hill

10 point Coupon lift x4

Murder Bunnies up the hill to the “M” (orange cones laid out 30yds apart in a capital M). Leave coupon at top of hill.

Do first Core exercise in GOOD FORM TO EXHAUSTION. Exhaustion defined as when you break form continually or must stop to rest outside of form

Core Workouts to Exhaustion:

Big Boys,

Plank Tick Tocks (aka Plank Hip Dips)


Flutter Kicks

Run the M three times

SPRINT (up the M)

BACK PEDAL (to the middle of M)

1 LEG JUMPS- (to top go M, broad jump lead and land on same leg, no steps forward,                    switch legs)

SPRINT- (down the M)

BEAR CRAWL- across and repeat two more time

Rifle Carry coupon down the hill

Repeat  but move on to next Core Exercise to exhaustion

Mosey back to Lightning Rod-  2 min. AMRAP pushups diamond to regular to wide- in GOOD FORM, full arm extension, chest all the way down, butt stays up, feet together, move to knees instead of breaking form.Music: “Let it all Go” Beats Antique and Preservation Hall Jazz Band


Take a moment to think of something that you are holding onto that no longer serves you. What next step you can take to let it go, however small. Also think about what you will put in it’s place that does serve you.

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