8/7/2021 – Power Hour

AO: Lava Field

QIC: Danish

PAX: Lumbergh, Samurai, Slash


60 something degrees when we started but man, was it sweaty.

Warm up

400m mosey

SSH x 25

Imperial Walkers X x 15

Lateral Lunges x 16

Forward arm circles x 10

Backward arm circles x 10

Scissor Arms x 12

The Thang

Each exercise takes 1 minute. Do 3 sets of:

  • Mike Tysons
  • X Lunge
  • Merkins
  • Flutter Jacks
  • Bonnie Blairs
  • High Plank
  • Frozen Freddie Mercury’s
  • Burpees
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Squat Steps
  • Merkins
  • Swimmers
  • Reverse Plank hold
  • Squat touch down jumps
  • Heel touches


I shared my experience of having travelled to 5 different AOs and how it differed from ours. I was happy to share that our rigor and discipline in keeping the core values and set up of F3 is working to create more HIMs in our community.

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