8/6/21 – Blackjack

AO: The Lightning Rod


Balmy, humid mid-60s. Straycat arrived at 1am from Phoenix and was a little tired for this workout. We had a couple of downrangers from Columbus

Q: StrayCat

PAX: Danish, FreeLunch, Geo (Columbus), Ghost, Herbie, Kiwi, Lumbergh, Scrappy (Columbus)


SSH x 20

Side Lunges x 10

Third Grade Exercise x 10

Oil Derricks x 10 (per side)

Mosey to track


Groups of two. One does 10, 20, 30 yd gasser, the other doe an exercise until the first PAX come back.

First: Gasser (regular) and Merkins

Second: Gasser (sideways) and Burpees

Third: Gasser (forwards and backwards) and Bonnie Blairs


Line up side of Football Field and do one Big Boy. Run to other side and do 20 Merkins. Run back to the starting side and do two Big Boys. Run to other side and do 19 Merkins. Repeat until done (one merkin and twenty big boys).

Mosey back and do 20xflutter kicks.


We discussed the impact that F3 has made on people that never go to F3. We also talked about how missing a workout does not only negatively affect you, but also impacts the brothers who attend F3.

I shared some personal stories of how F3 has had a positive impact on my family. I won’t write about it here, but ask about it or one of the PAX that attended.

Straycat out.

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