8/5/21 – Up, Down, Left, Right

AO: The Gauntlet


Balmy, humid mid-60s. Crazy looking sliver of a moon shining through the forest fire haze. All of us were feeling sluggish and hearing some strong whiny voices not to get out of bed this morning. Walkman’s knee was tweaked from a late bball game last night, FreeLunch didn’t get a great night sleep and Slash was feeling tired from a race (and post-race beers) last night.

Q: Slash

PAX: FreeLunch, Walkman


Slow High Knees x15

Scissor arms x15

Halos x15

Shoulder circles forward x10, reverse x10

Pickle bombers x10

YTWs x10

Mountain climbers x15

Carry coupon to stairs next to bike rack alley


“Up, Down, Left, Right”

Reps ladder up and down: 10 (per side on merkins), 20, 30, 20, 10

Coupon swings at the top (next to the bike rack alley)

Rifle carry coupon down stairs to middle of grassy patch

Staggered coupon merkins (1-hand on coupon, 1-hand on ground). Do full set of reps w/ right hand on coupon, then alternate to left.

Rifle carry up the other stairs, back to starting place.

Work the way up and back down the ladder.

We each made it through the ladder. Woot!

Mosey back to track.

Coupon plank jacks (plank on coupon, step right foot off coupon to the side, step left foot off coupon, then right foot back on and left foot back on). IC x20


“Getting a toe-hold”

We talked about how sometimes when we’re not feeling it (either working out, an assignment at work or family duties), one action can ripple out and create momentum. FreeLunch shared that yesterday was his hump in working out. He wasn’t feeling it, but showed up. That day felt great, then today was much easier to show. Sometimes we need a toe-hold to change the course of the day/week/month/etc.

We talked about toe-holds ability to disrupt negative cycles. Sometimes a small action can redirect unproductive self-talk. Walkman shared that it’s always the same voice that shows up whether it’s working out, work or other parts of life. I shared that toe-holds reminded him of adding a joke during a tense conversations. It can disrupt and diffuse the whole thing w/out any thought.

I added that it’s important for me to notice when I’m hearing that inner whiny/negative/critical/rationalizing voice. When I’m fighting against doing something, coming up w/ excuses or feel overly burdened, it’s a good time to look for toe-holds and small actions that can disrupt the cycle.

Rock on, Slash!!

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