“3M Special”: Core Workout with Special Sauce

AO: The Gauntlet




SideStraddles 25x Windmillls x15 3rdGraders x15 Arm Circles Forward/Backward x12 Yoga Scorpion Stretch


“3M Special”

The “M ” is 5 markers/ cones placed in the shape of letter M
today it was 30 yards apart (adjust as you wish) 

What makes this M special is: starting at first cone

Standing Long Jump 30 yards to 2nd cone

Back Pedal (run backwards) to 3rd cone(middle point of “M”)

Sprint to 4th cone and 

Sprint to 5th cone

Bearcrawl back to first cone

Immediately into


V-ups to Exhaustion  into

Hollow Hold Plank (on your six with arms extended same height as feet) 30 seconds  into

Run the M 3 times  then

Ollie Planks to Exhaustion (skateboard grab style) it’s like a plank twist but as left arm goes up opposite leg comes through ie like skateboard ollie with arm out at top of the ramp) 

Hollow Hold Plank 30 seconds

Run the M 3 times 

Flutter Kicks to Exhaustion  

Hollow Hold Plank 30 seconds

Run the M 3 times 

Plank Hip Dips (Tic Tocs) to Exhaustion

Hollow Hold Plank 30 seconds

Run the M 3 times 

*2 men made it all the way through just at time- Slash Walkman props- everyone else just shy, we all went hard.

Final minute of standard MERKINS, FULL FORM- arms just at shoulder with, no saggy back, Fully down to chest touches ground, FULL EXTENSION up. To exhaustion then repeat until 1 minute is up.

We all took a moment to reflect on a fault or something we have done in which we carry shame or guilt or at least we know we are lacking in. Something in which even our own self respect is lacking.

Then Q offered 3 quotes in reflection on this: bringing the idea of 1. Perseverance, 2. Patience and 3. honoring the Self as also Sacred

1. As a Man Thinketh by James Allen 

 It is the innermost thoughts and desires of men that are fed with their own food be it foul or clean. The “divinity that shapes our ends” is in ourselves; it is our very self. Only himself manacles man: thought and action are the jailers of Fate. They imprison, being base; they are also the angels of Freedom- they liberate, being noble. Not what he wishes and prays for does a man get but what he justly earns. 

His wishes and prayers are only gratified and answered when they harmonize with his thoughts and actions. In the light of this truth what then is the meaning of “fighting against circumstances”? 

It means that a man is continually revolting against an effect, while all the time he is nursing and preserving its cause in his heart. That cause may take the form of a conscious bias or an unconscious weakness; but whatever it is, it stubbornly retards the efforts of its possessor and calls aloud for a remedy. 

Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound. A man who does not shrink from self crucifixion can never fail to accomplish the object upon which his heart is set. This is as true of earthly as of heavenly things.”

2. Letter to a Young Poet by Rainer Marie Rilke

…be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves like locked rooms and like books that are written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now.
Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.

3. Yoga Nidra: Melatonin Magic by Jennifer Piercy

“Offer yourself the same kind of awe and wonder that you’d offer a force of nature
like a vast and wild night sky”

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