Say Yes to the Gauntlet!

QIC: Walkman

PAX: Kiwi, Lumbergh, Houdini, Free Lunch, Samurai, Stray Cat, Whitney


60 degrees and overcast, perfect weather to launch the Gauntlet! Pax trickled in just in time as we all figured out parking and where the flag should go at the new AO.

Warm up

Started with two laps of a 6 man run at a casual mosy. Houdini put a little flare on it at the end but Lumbergh chased him down and slowed it down again. Circled up on the football field for Windmill x 10, Slow High Knees x 12, Monkey Humper x 10, Third Grade Exercise x 10 then mosied to the tennis courts and found ourselves among a herd of sleeping exercise equipment – three coupons, a jump rope and some battle ropes.

The Thang

The PAX partnered up, with one doing an exercise while the other ran gassers to each of the three tennis courts and back. Exercises were Alternating Arm Battle Rope, Jump Rope, Real Peter Parkers, 10 point coupon Press, KB Swing, Bonnie Blaires, and Alternating arm merkins on a coupon. After each partner completed the movement/gasser combo, we switched and quickly got into the next exercise. A lot of good competition emerged among the runners – racing back and challenging each other. We completed three rounds: in round 1 we ran all three tennis courts, in the second just the first 2, and in the last just the first tennis court. PAX pushed hard and finished strong and mosied back to the field.


Completed 2 minutes of plank and 2 minutes of LBC’s (60!).


I shared my joy at launching the new AO and reflected on ‘saying yes’ to new things. I’m here because I said yes at a BBQ with Beach Bum, and the impact of that one YES has been significant in my life and the lives of others. Lumbergh shared that his life was shaped by one ‘yes’ in his early 20’s to drive a car across the country. Stray Cat shared that he’s in a much different place mentally and physically because he said yes. YHC encouraged the PAX to look at their lives and find opportunities to say YES.

Free Lunch shared that he has a friend who isn’t anywhere near fit enough to keep up and how we would handle having someone like him join – we dicussed communicating ahead of time and building a workout where he’d feel challenged along side the PAX but not excluded because of the fitness requirement (a very you V. you workout). Kiwi shared his brother is in the same place they came up with an idea to host a separate workout for them – to help catch them up and make them feel welcome – We’d love to support this! Make it happen Men!

Lumbergh challenged the PAX to lean in to the Gauntlet, especially in this inaugural month. and for all of us to be more active and organized (posting in threads, right channels, etc) in slack. This is really important as we scale – for organization and for community building.

Great work Men!


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