7/17/2021 –

AO: Lava Field


PAX: 2Chainz ,TaterTot, Slumberkins, Lumbergh, houdini,


Warm up

SSH x 20

Arm Circles, Forward x10

Arms Circles, Backwards x10

windmill x 15

high knees x15

Third grade exercise x15

Dive Bombs x 10

Mosey 400m

The Thang

Basic burns

  1. 100 squats followed by 100 yard hard run, mosey back to 10 yd line
  2. 90 big boys followed by 90 yard hard run, mosey back to 20 yd line
  3. 80 Merkins followed by 80 yard hard run, mosey back to 30 yd line
  4. 70 squats followed by 70 yard hard run, mosey back to 40 yd line
  5. 60 big boys followed by 60 yard hard run, mosey back to 50 yd line
  6. 50 merkins followed by 50 yard line, mosey back to 50 yd line
  7. 50 BURPEES

Longest Lap

as the group moseys around the track a pair of runners run at a harder pace until they can catch back up to the group, at which point the next pair of runners will start their harder run and the first pair eases into a mosey.

Ab Finisher

1 min of work, 30 rest.

  • High Plank
  • American Hammer
  • flutter kick
  • reverse sit up


Maintaining Your Frame.

As a man it is important to “maintain your frame” here are seven tips to do so

From Ryan Michler

  1. Know that some people are working against you, consciously or subconsciously.
  2. strive to understand others motives. It’s hard to move forward if you do not know the intentions of those who you surround yourself with.
  3. Establish, Communicate, and uphold boundaries and standards. Don’t be door mat but don’t expect people to know what you will and won’t tolerate unless you’ve shared it with them.
  4. Defend or disengage when people continually cross the line. Don’t tolerate when people cross your line however defending when you should simply disengage can be worse. Know what battles are worth fighting.
  5.  Do not unnecessarily respond to emotion. Emotions serve as personal feedback based on our surroundings and situations so respond appropriately.
  6. Focus on long term results. Your struggles today likely won’t matter long.  
  7. Do not let your ego drive your decisions.

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