Pick up the six

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Kiwi

PAX: Ghost, Whitney, Danish, Lumbergh


59F – Crisp, cool, and perfect for a post

Warm up

Imperial Walker (x20)

Ass kickers (x20)

Arm Scissors (x20)

Third Grade Exercise (x20)

Windmills (x20)

Mosey to the field in “pick up the six” formation with the six doing 3 burpees before catching up.

The Thang

While staying in the “pick up six formation” jog around the field till you get to the bars where everyone grabs a bar to do rowing. Everyone continues doing rows as the last person in the line duck walks to the front and continues rows. This “walk” continues until the end of the bars are reached and the wall starts. Switch from Rows to wall sits and continue with broad jump as the six moves to the front.

Past the wall, switch to big boys and have the six do a side shuffle to get to the front. After 20 yards+/- jog to bleachers and continue walk along bleacher with dips until the end is reached.

Continue jogging back around to the bars and do inclined push-ups with the six bear crawling to the front.

mosey back in same formation with the six stopping for 3 burpees before running to the front.

20x should touch planks

20x Flutter kicks

20x box cutters

20x criss cross

20x xs and os


I shared with the group that in reading the “Freed to lead” book Walkman had given me, I had come across the part regarding the lack of strong male friendships in today’s culture. The idea that men’s relationships lack substance and commitment. I expressed how I am starting to understand the importance of sacrifice in relationships. Everyone at F3 sacrifices a lot to show up for each other. Sleep, comfort, family time, and everything else we give up to show up and support each other is important to acknowledge. Reciprocal sacrifice and commitment builds strong relationships and I am grateful to be apart of the reciprocity.

Whitney shared about relationships in his own life in a similar vein.

Danish shared about the motivation and dedication he feels in training for people that push themselves and make the sacrifices.

Lumbergh shared his experience in eliminating unhealthy relationships in the past and the importance of faith in that.

All in all a good start to a good day


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