7/10/2021 – Doin the Butt

AO: Lava Field

QIC: Slash

PAX: 2Chainz ,Danish, TaterTot, Slumberkins, Free Lunch, Reaper


61F, Sun coming through and humid. Time to get hot!

Warm up

SSH x 20

World’s Greatest Stretch x10

Plank Jacks x15

Inchworms x 15

Butt kickers x15

Mosey 400m

The Thang

Single leg broad jump touches to 50yard and back OYO

Legs + Butt Tabata (40sec work, 20sec recover)

  1. Single leg squat right leg-only (keep rear leg off the ground when reversing and touch rear knee to back of front calf) 
  2. Pickle pointers right leg-only 
  3. Airplanes right leg-only 
  4. Bonny Blairs 
  5. Skater lunges 

Repeat x4, alternating legs each round (i.e. next round w/ left-leg only for the first 3 movements)

Merkin gassers

Gassers every 20 yards (20, 40, opposing 40, opposing 20)

At the end zone, after each sprint, do these exercises:

1st and 4th round do 20 T-merkins 

2nd and 3th round do 40 hand-release merkins 


Fragility & Opportunity

A stomach bug knocked me out last week. It gave me time to reflect on a few things. One – I’m so glad it’s passed now and I can get back to it. Two – it put excuses not to workout in perspective. There are inevitable setbacks we’ll all face, on matter how well prepared we are. I’m especially grateful for the moments where the most important things are going well (like being healthy enough to workout), working hard during those moments to offset the inevitable time we need to step away.

Free lunch shared a story from his past about being sick for years, how discouraged he felt and how we gradually changed his attitude about his situation. Powerful share.

Danish and TaterTot shared great storys about athletes who missed championships because of external forces (like getting tripped or getting covid), accepted their circumstances and used that experience as fuel to get back on it.

My dad (visiting from Bama) joined us for the first time today and left it all on the field. Welcome, Reaper! From your son, Slash.

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