July 9 Monster Walk Merkin Mashup w/coupons

AO: Lightning Rod

PAX: Slash, Stray Cat, Danish, Herbie, Kiwi,

QIC: Free Lunch

Conditions: 57 slightly overcast. Perfect.

Warmups: side straddle hops, arm circles fwd/bkwd, hammy stretches

The Thang:

Demonstrate/ agree on proper Merkin Form for this beatdown. Butt up, straight back, feet together, nothing touches ground below chest, full arm extension.

Partner up: Coupon Monster Walk to 20yd line: Regular style Merkins to exhaustion (of form) while partner does fast step ups on coupon watching calling out form adjustments/ switch, then both do coupon monster walk to 40

40 yd line- Scaredy Cat Merkins (press up off ground arms wide, off grounds arms regular, to exhaustion, switch. Both Monster walk to 60

60 (opposite side 40) – Diamonds Merkins hands touching (repeat above)

80 (opposite 20) Alligator Merkins (repeat above) Monster walk with Coupon to opposite goal line. Plank on coupon until 6 is in

Lunge walk with coupon to 5 yd line: 5 Mt. Climbers touching toes beside coupon then to 10 yd line 10x Mt. climbers etc…until time is up.

Coupon Mosey to LR

Side plank-ups

Then “6 on your 6” two 3 minute songs First song pound out Big Boys to exhaustion then second song change to (on your six) Coupon Extension into V-up to end of song /exhaustion

COT: “The floor we put up with” Looking at the other side of goal setting. We shaped by our lowest level of toleration. Set a new minimum standard. Lifestyle vs achievement. This branched into discussing emotional reactions/stuck points/ the stories we tell ourselves after a “failure” that keeps us static.

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