6/23/2021 – Breathe in….

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Walkman

PAX: Danish, Giggles, Kiwi, Samurai, Beach Bum, Quads, Ghost


A balmy 65 as YHC made it just in time due to some gastrointestinal distress.

Warm up

We started with an eleven minute guided Wim Hof breathing exercise. Then we Bear Crawl Batoned to the tennis courts. This is a six man run where everyone is bear crawling, and the last person stops to do 5 burpees before running to the front of the bear crawl train. I blame beach bum for bringing this into our local exicon.

The Thang

We split into two groups on each side of the tennis court. We fish boned our way down and back. Completed a set of cave dwellers (gorilla walk or bear crawl with 5,10,15, and 20 merkins at each court, no standing up) on the way down and on the way back Frog Jumped with (3) squat jumps at each line. YHC had initially though of 5/10/15/20 squat jumps but it runs out (3) was plenty! Then completed another set of high intensity fish bones down and back. Mosied slowly back to the rod as we caught our breath.

Mosey to LR

Completed another 11 minute guided Wim Hof breathing exercise.


I shared that I had been in Denver the weekend before, attending the memorial of my friend who took his own life recently, Tom Zimmer. We also helped clean out his house alongside his family. It was an intense, emotional, and hard weekend that was cathartic for many. At the memorial, many people shared stories and perspective on Tom. One thing stood out to me that I wanted to share with the PAX. Tom worked with a guy named Townsend Warlod (one of the coolest names ever yea?) in a program built around creating your exceptional life. Townsend learned of Tom’s death and reached out to his parents, and shared with them a ‘Declaration’ that Tom had written, affirming himself and his unique talents/perspective. It was shared openly at the Memorial and was title ‘On Becoming Tom Zimmer.’ It was deeply moving, and while I don’t feel comfortable reposting it online, I will share my two favorite take aways as I did in the CoT:

  • No one should be expected to know exactly what I want or need. So tell them.
  • I don’t owe a long term duty to what doesn’t serve me.

Big thanks to the PAX for letting me share something deeply personal and moving, loved the support.


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