Merkins to Exhaustion: Form Over Reps!

AO: Lightning Rod

VQ: Free Lunch

PAX: Bunny, Lumbergh, Slash, Samurai, Kiwi, Ghost, Sellers (down ranger F3 Atlanta)

Conditions: sunny and clear 50 degrees

Warm ups:

Side straddle hops/ 3rd grade / Monkey Humpers/ fast high knees/ scorpion stretch (for shoulders)/ wrist and forearm stretch/ mosey to track

The Thang:

Partner up then Merkins form demo- emphasis on form over reps. Partner called out form inconsistencies while other did Merkins to exhaustion. Exhaustion is loss of proper form not shaking cranking of one more bad rep.

Start on goal line and monster walk 20 yards (hands touch ground) Merkins to exhaustion and partner form watch at 20yds – 40yds – 40- 20 etc to end goal line.

Merkin types: Regular- Diamonds- Scaredy Cats- Sphinx- Regular

Quick 10 yd. core foot drag then Mosey back to Flagpole for Six minutes of nonstop core. Crab toe touch and Big Boys


true appreciation keeps you connected to Source. We don’t need to transform the world as much as we need to transform how we see it. Focusing on what brightens our gratification lets us be truer to ourselves. Lumbergh threw out challenge to post a list of gratefulness into mumbchatter.

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