Master the Gasser

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Kiwi

PAX: Danish, FreeLunch, Giggles, Stray cat, Murse, Slash, Lumbergh, Samurai, Disco Ball,


Cloudy, but no rain!

Warm up

·         SSH x 15

·         Halo x 15

·         Slow high knee x 10

·         Windmill x 10

·         Mosey

The Thang

Mosey to the Field

Split into partners

First partner runs gassers at 20,30,40,30,20 yards the other partner performs the next exercises in phases only changing when the 1st partner comes back to touch the lines each time in their gasser. Then each partner switches.

1: Merkens – pause on the up and down each time the partner comes back to touch the line on the gasser

2: Jump squats – Hold squat, jump each time partner touches the line

3:X’s and Os – Hold X or O until partner touches line, then switch to X or O

4: One Legged Merkins – Same as number 1

5: One legged dead lift – Switch legs whenever partner touches the line

6: Frozen Freddie Mercury – Switch legs whenever partner touches the line

7: Dragon Merkins / spiderman Merkins – Same as number 1

8: Side squats – Switch side whenever partner touches the line

9: Scissor kicks – Switch whenever partner touches line on gasser.

Mosey Back


20 count Flutter kicks

15 Big Boys

10 count each side – side planks

15 count box cutters


We discussed how when I first came to F3, I was in a position of follower, as time and experience grows, the fundamentals of F3 pushes us all into a natural cycle of leading and following.  This relationship between filling up in inspiration, community, and knowledge before giving it away as a leader both in F3 and out is a continual process. The process not only forms great leaders but keeps us perfecting our leadership skills as we continually return to following and learning from other members in F3.  This constant passing of the ball as leader eliminates a lot of the toxic competition in leadership that we see for men in much of society and places leadership as a communal and service-based role.   My shout out is to everyone in F3 encouraging people to step into that leadership role and continue the conversation to keep new ideas, strategies, and workouts flowing. Each voice matters. 

VQ done!


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