(06.14.21) – Here be dragons…

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Stray Cat

PAX: Danish, FreeLunch, Giggles, Kiwi, Lumbergh, Samurai, Walkman


Puddles, but it didn’t rain!

Warm up

  • SSH x 20
  • 3rd Grade Exercise x 10
  • Derricks x 8 (per side)
  • Arm circles (forward and reverse) x 10
  • Mosey
  • Fish bones (run up and down along the parking slots)

The Thang

Mosey to the Field

Rows with raised feet (8)

Decline Merkins (15)


  • 25 yd lunge walk
  • 25 Merkin-Jacks
  • 25 yd lunge walk
  • 25 Thusters
  • 25 yd lunge walk
  • 25 Big Boys
  • 25 yd lunge walk
  • 25 Merkins Walk (one hand on Coupon and switch back and forth in plank)

10, 20, 30 yd Gasser

10 yds of Dragon Walk

Mosey Back

10 Windshield Washers

20 Big Boys

10 American Hammers

10 Double Crunch

10 Leg Lifts

10 Scissor kicks


We discussed the benefits of Beat Downs in fighting anxiety. Going to the workouts has enabled me to take on many more projects and more stress in my work and home life. F3 has enabled me to pick up other peoples burdens and has enabled me to have a greater positive impact on the communities I’m a part of. Most of the PAX participated with the discussion and shared how important going to the Beat Downs is to having a good week.

StrayCat out.

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