(06.12.21) – Round and Round, Up and Down

AO: LavaField

QIC: Lumbergh

PAX: Slash, Danish, Houdini, and Slumberkins


Warm up

  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 10
  • 3rd Grade Exercise x 10
  • Scissor Kicks x 10
  • Windshield Wipers x 10
  • Monkey Humpers x 10
  • Scissor Arms x 10
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps x 20

The Thang

Mosey to the parking lot

  • Station 1 (Track Lap)
  • Station 2 (Rifle Carry Up the Bleachers – Backside of the stadium)
  • Station 3 (30 Block Curls, Racked carry, down the opposite side, return block to start)
  • Station 4 (Lunge walk to Station 5)
  • Station 5 (Run to the parking lot gate, Nur back, 50 Merkins)
  • Repeat

Mosey to the endzone

  • Bataan Bear Crawls
  • Q drops first, 5 Burpees, PAX Bear Crawls
  • Q runs to PAX and taps next HIM
  • Repeat till the PAX has done 1 round a piece


  • 20 Dead Bugs x IC
  • 10 Outlaws x IC (both directions)
  • LBCs x 10 IC
  • CBLs x 10 (reverse crunch)


Planned to go with the below but thru the grind of the workout, the continued feeling of gratitude washed over me. Shared the following personal updates:

  • Update on my best buddy’s brother, who recently was quickly diagnosed with brain tumors and immediate surgery took place. Prognosis was rough to begin but following surgery was extremely optimistic, to the point where full recovery is expected within a year.
  • My mom’s surgery was a success and healing/recovery is underway.
  • Lastly, and so minorly, the issues with my car persisted and somehow the issue was tracked back to an error on the side of the dealership, unfortunately it happened but by the hand God, they identified the issue and owned it. The entire head gasket replacement cost will now be covered.

GRATITUDE IS AT A TIME HIGH and needed to share it and give thanks to where it come from, my God, Jesus Christ. Went around the circle and several of the PAX shared similar life updates. Today was a good day.

Disturbance To The Status-quo

Leaders influence movement to advantage

A leader is a person who can influence people to do things that they would not have done otherwise. Put another way, but for the influence of the leader, the things done by his followers would not happen. The leader is the agent, the impetus and the proximate cause of his followers’ movement toward the doing of those specific things that he identifies as advantageous. Without him, they would remain static and focused on maintaining the status quo. In the heart of man inertia will reign–absent a Disruption .

The connection between movement and leadership is critical because it presupposes a need for action, a recognition by the leader himself that the status quo is something less advantageous than some other place, a location the leader visualizes and then articulates to his followers. Only then can the leader begin to persuade them to follow him to the new place. He must describe it to them first because people will only overcome their inertia and follow someone if they believe that he knows where he is going. They won’t leave the known for the unknown, no matter how charismatic the leader is.

That’s a wrap


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