6/9/21 – Merkin go Round

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Slash

PAX: Danish, Free Lunch, Giggles, Kiwi, Bunny, Bandcamp(St Louis), Ghost


A perfect 52degrees and sunny. The Q teased about something to do with getting ready to “play” as everyone rolled up.

Warm up

SSH x 20

Imperial walkers x 5

Fast high knees x15

Monkey humpers x 12

Windmill x 15

Mosey to the playground.

The Thang

Merry go round

3 stations with 3 men at each station. 3.5mins of work at each station then rotate.

1st round (3.5min per station)

Station 1: pull-ups (with hanging modifications if needed), go for as many reps as possible.

Station 2: pole climb (up swing set), for recovery between sets use swings to do full body extensions keeping a hollow body

Station 3: double touch box jumps in weird empty pool thing. Touch at bottom of jump and top of the curb.

Round 2 (3.5min per station)

Station 1: one end of see saw, push the man on the other side up using triceps and shoulders

Station 2: do shoulder circles while his partner lifts him up and down

Station 3: merry go merkins – in decline Merkins position, move the merry go round to the right for a full lap then to the left (moving hands laterally, side to side). Finish the remaining time with decline merkins.

Mosey back to LR, with a set of in line lunges the length of the tennis court fence (about 4min)


X and O holds x20


How you do anything is how you do everything.

How we train is how we show up at other points of our life. I’ve noticed that during some stressful times this week at work, the mindset of perseverance I experience at F3 is showing up at work and home. The small things I do are training for the big milestones and accomplishments.

Ghost and Free lunch had good additions about the small moments mattering the most with kids. You can’t have quality time with out a quantity of time.

Announcements: Houdini is on VQ Sat and the hat is being passed for donations to the PAX treasury. Check the slack!

Rock on! Slash

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