6.7.21 – Fit and Friended Men look outward

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Walkman

PAX: Danish, Bunny, Giggles, Ghost, Kiwi


Light overcast and 49 degrees as six Pax showed up right on time to kick things off. YHC was coming off a week away and botched the disclaimer a bit on our way to a mosy.

Warm up

Mosied down to 62nd and looked for ‘Good Morning Merkins.’ Bunny was confident in his first ‘Good Morning’ and was rewarded when some random guy down the street hollered back, as well as his intended target. Pax completed 20 merkins on the Mosy and stopped into the tennis courts for Slow high knees x 12, Gradycorns x 12, Windmill x 12, Merkins x 11 (HC). In between each movement we ran (60-80% pace) to the end of the courts and back. Then mosied to the hill

The Thang

Need a name for this type of workout…the pax lined up single file at the bottom of the hill and all held plank. The first person in line ran up the hill, completed 10 merkins, and bear crawled back down and then held squat until the last man was in. When the first man was done with the merkins, the second person in line followed suit, repeating until the entire line was reformed at the bottom of the hill, all holding squat. Then the first person ran up, completed 10 squat jumps, and ran back down, forming a new line holding plank. When the first man’s squat jumps were completed, the second person followed suit, and repeated until the PAX was back to the original line. We repeated this sequence 6 times before heading back to the LR.


Potty Breaks x 12

Outlaws x 12

Box Cutters x 12

Superman x 12

Big Bois x 15


Fit and Friended Men look outward

I found this quote from ‘Freed to Lead’ incredibly valuable over the last month or so. I saw evidence of it in myself over the last year, and the pax opened up and shared some perspective on how it applied outside of fitness and into our marriages, children, and the mentality of abundance. We shared that when F3 first started several people came up with ‘pet projects’ that were initially considered distractions – helping a charity, building homes, etc. But it turned out these ‘distractions’ were the result of the men being fit and friended, and they ended up becoming the goal of F3 – to reinvigorate male leadership in communities. As our pax grows, we’ll begin to see these ‘pet projects’ and YHC highly encourages us to embrace them as strong second and third F opportunities.

Great work today – Walkman

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