6/2/21 – Inching our way across the field

AO: LavaField

QIC: Giggles

PAX: Bunny, Samurai, Free Lunch, Stray Cat, Slash, Danish, Kiwi, Herbie, Merse, Twinposter, Giggles


Toasty 62 degrees

Warm up

SSH x 20

Windmills x12

Third Grade Exercise x10

Scissor Arms x10

Slow High Knees x10

The Thang

Pax Run… but crawling

Break off into groups of three and teams line up head to toe at the end zone. The first two guys hold an exercise while the third guy grunts past them. Once the 6 is in front, the new six comes up to the front – going the whole length of the field and jogging back to the start after each set.

1st set was team holding a plank while the 6 bear-crawled to the front

2nd set was team holding a reverse plank while the 6 broad jumped to the front

3rd set was team holding side plank (alternating) while the 6 inch-wormed his way to the front


Continued on the recent theme of gratitude

I shared how I’d been going through a rough time at work and had put all my eggs into in a new job opportunity. I got a meeting invite from the hiring manager with a rather bland title and instantly went into a negative headspace for the rest of the weekend. Turns out the call was good news with a job. But always wanting to make sure we leave no man where we find him I wanted to make sure the guy who will be remaining on the team is set up for success.

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