5/29/21 – Side to Side

AO: LavaField

QIC: Slash

PAX: Danish, Samurai, Lumbergh, Tater Tot, 2Chainz, Baguette


The warmest 47 you ever felt! Sunny and shirts were ready to rip off.

Warm up

Mosey lap

SSH x 20

Handcuffs x 10

Fast high knees x15

Shoulder circles forwards x10

Shoulder circles backwards x10

Windmills x10

Pickle bombers x10

The Thang


Hop-overs – side-side IC x30 (jump over coupon lengthwise)

Hop-overs – top-bottom IC x25 (jump over coupon height wise)

Hop-over – end-end IC x20 (lay coupon on it’s end, so it’s in the tallest position, then jump over it back and forth)

AMRAP – 25min 

1 round OYO:

Loaded side lunges x15 HC (30 total)

1-hand shoulder press left x15 

1-hand shoulder press right x15

1-hand rows left x15

1-hand rows right x15

400m run (no coupon)

Complete as many rounds as possible. (We got through 3-4 rounds)


Bicep superset IC x30 (raise coupon to elbow level x10, start at elbow level and raise to shoulder level x10, full bicep curls x10) 

Tricep extensions IC x20  

Abs (all IC)

Roof raisers (on 6 w/ coupon raised above chest, lift coupon straight up bringing shoulder blades off the ground) IC x20  

Russian twists w/ coupon x10 (set coupon on ground by side each time, lift up move to other side) 

Decline planks x10 

Russian twists w/ coupon x10 (set coupon on ground by side each time, lift up move to other side) 

Coupon plank jacks x20

Big bois x23


Sharing where I’m at versus I’ve been

I’m going through some personal challenges which don’t have a clear resolution. I’m being more intentional about sharing unresolved conflicts in my life. I have a tendency to hold stuff in until I’ve figured my way through it, then share retrospectively. Today I talked about the challenge itself, how hard it’s been and that I don’t see a clear way to alleviate it. It felt like unburdening myself to express what was going on in the moment. Got lots of support from the group and offers of helping hands. Thankful for these men!

Rock on, happy Memorial weekend folks! Slash

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