5/19/21 – Murph Every Minute

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Slash

PAX: Danish, Free Lunch, Herbie, Giggles, Kiwi, Fargo, Faceplant, StrayCat, Bunny, Samurai


Some grumbling about the cooler day as we arrive. 43degrees and clear. Time to get warm!

Warm up

SSH x 20

Handcuffs x 10

Monkey humpers x 12

Windmill x 15

YTWs x 15

Plank pulses x 15

Mosey to the field and a lap around on it to get extra warmed up.

The Thang

Every Minute on the Minute (20min)

At the top of each minute, do the following routine. Smoothly and with excellent form. The goal is to use the minute effectively and not rush through. Give yourself a few seconds of recovery before the next minute starts but don’t rush through it. Exercises:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats

Longest Broad Jumps

Starting at end zone, broad jump to 20yrd. Count your jumps. 

Broad jump back to end zone, shooting for fewer jumps than your first round by going further each jump.

Broad jump back to 20yard aiming to reduce your last number, going more slowly but further.

Broad jump back to touchdown with fewest jumps yet. Put a 2-3 second pause after each jump. Use your arms and a low squat to EXPLODE forward.

Absolution IC x12

6 count: plank shoulder taps, lower to elbows, plank Jack (in/out), raise to hands = 1 rep

Mosey back to LR. Some of the PAX were dragging. We got back about 1-2 minutes after 6:15pm. Great effort by the PAX everybody made it through the EMOM and jumps.


Small vs big picture  

Since we moved, I’m noticing smaller and smaller things to fix about my new home. The big picture is that this is a great home but I realize it’s easy to be sucked into the never-ending and crushing list of todos. 

It can be the same with our health and well-being. It’s easy to get sucked into the broken pieces and not what’s going well. It’s important to remember the big picture. The why. One of my fav yoga instructors says “Energy flows where the mind goes”. If we dwell on the negative then that’s where our energy goes. 

Danish shared an example of adjusting a critical mindset at work. He doesn’t have a clear progression to the next peak, but Zippy helped him see that he’s preparing himself well right now (metaphorically wearing a double rack sack while he’s focused on the summit – doesn’t know how/when to get there, but he’s going to be well prepared for the next steps and journey).

Rock on! Slash

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