5/12/21 – Sign of the Beast + Back

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Slash

PAX: Danish, Free Lunch, Herbie, Giggles, Kiwi, Fargo, Faceplant, StrayCat, Walkman, Twinposter


Sun peaking through and a balmy 52degrees! Was my first beatdown after being away for a week and a half for our move. Good to be BACK!

Warm up

SSH x 20

Imperial Walkers x 20

Shoulder circles (backwards and forwards) x 10

Windmill x 15

Pickle bombers x 15

Plank pulses x 15

Flying Mosey to the field (running while arms outstretched to the sides)

The Thang

Sign of the Beast:

Cones at the 25-year, 50-yard, and 25-yard lines of a football field do to the six exercises below. For Set 1, the pax sprint to the first cone, do six reps of the exercise, sprint to the second cone, do six more reps, sprint to the third cone, do six more reps, sprint to the end line, turn around and sprint back to the beginning. 6 different exercises (6, 6, 6 … the Beast). Exercises:

Reverse burpees
Split jumps (hard count)
Kossack squats (hard count)
Crankers (aka Tricep bows)
Wet tuckees (aka Burpee double tucks)


All in cadence:

Rows (overhead) x10

O-rows x11

Rows (underhand) x10


Boxcutters x20
Frozen Freddie Mercuries x15
6 inches x10
Big bois x10 (kinda, we were struggling to get to the end!)


“Abstinence violation effect”, aka the “Fuck It” effect

This is a cognitive bias that’s about our tendency to fall off the wagon hard when we have a slip up, e.g, if I’m trying not to drink for a month, then a beer then fuck it I might as well have 6. Or the other way around – if I miss a workout after being really consistent, then I’m less likely to be active the rest of the day. It’s on my mind because this last week has been a giant departure from my routine. I found myself caught in a few “fuck it” loops – having more beer and unhealthy food because of little choices like not doing a workout or snacking during the day.  I encounter it a lot at work – trying to help people to be consistent w/ their routines (and using Nike’s fitness apps!). Streaks are great until people miss a day, then they’re inclined to say “fuck it I’m going to take a break since my streak is broken”.

Great comments from Danish, Walkman, Free Lunch and Kiwi. They talked about not waiting to get back into a routine (do it today not Monday!), thinking about the why behind the streak (losing weight, feeling better) vs the streak itself, and how it’s easier to keep doing anything (even if it’s really simple/relaxed exercises) b/c you’re not starting cold.

Rock on! Slash

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