5/7/21 – 1st and 10

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Giggles

Pax: Stray Cat, Herbie, Free Lunch, Danish, Ghost, Walkman, Bunny, Face Plant (FNG), Kiwi

Conditions: 48 and sunny with a very damp turf field to play on

Warm Up:

SSH x 20

Third Grade x 12

Halo x 10

Downward Dog x 10

Mosey to the track

The Thang:

Started on the end zone of the turf – bear crawl to the 10 yard line for Merkins x 10, Squats x 10, Lunges x 10, jog back to the end zone. Next set was a bear crawl to the 20 yard line with the same Merkins x 10, Squats x10, Lunges x 10. The goal was to try and go the length of the field in 10 sets but started off asking each guy to set their own target and try to surpass it.


Shared a moment with a coworker who has really been struggling as of late. I opened up how powerful genuine interest and care for how other guys around us are doing can really help raise both ourselves and others up. I’m making it a personal goal of mine to continue to reach out even on days when he’s probably doing fine just to check in and be the ear or sounding board for him.

VQ in the books and it was a little slice of hell.

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