4/21/21 – Big Blimpin’

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Slash

PAX: Giggles, Herbie, Kiwi, Stray Cat, Free Lunch, Danish


High 40’s and dry, with the sun peaking through as we all arrived. Shorts out, muscle up!

Warm up

SSH x 20

Halos x15

Fast high knees x 15

Pickle bombers x 10 (down dog to up dog)

Windmills x15

Knee hugs x10 (put weight on one leg while hugging the raised knee up toward your arm pit)

Tin Soldiers x15 (raise knee up then extend leg forward and hold for 3 count)

Mosey to track

The Thang


5sets of each movement. 20 secs work, 10 seconds recovery.

Elevated bird dogs (start in plank, raise opposite arm and leg, straighten and extend fully. Alternate with the other arm/leg)

Lizards (start in plank, swing right foot up and plant as close to the outside of your right hand as possible then swing back to plank. Alternate to left foot)


5 burpees, 10 lunge easy count, 15 imperial walker, 20 merkins, 25 plank jacks, 30 squat jumps. Start at end zone and work down 100yards.

Danish, giggle and Slash made 100+yards. Everyone made it well past the 50yd line before we called time.

Mosey to LR


Alphabet – On your 6 – feet elevated like 6-inch hold – spell out the alphabet with your feet. All capital letters. In cadence. Slash almost forgot what came after J.


Is your life a mission or task, or something else entirely? Buying a home, selling a home right now, things getting busier at work, mine feels task-based. When I get too task based without a clear mission, I can fall into a Mindset of scarcity versus abundance. “I don’t have enough time, money, activities with friends…”. But abundance is all around us. Walk into a store to buy any food from around the world, walk in my front door and get the infinitely loving smile from my daughter. Easy to fall into the scarcity scarcity mindset trap but it’s limiting and closes me off.

Danish added a great point about mission giving purpose for the daily tasks. Giggles shared that he doesn’t know how he’s going to find time as he starts to think about having kids and find abundance in an already tight schedule. Free Lunch shared a story about when climbing a mountain, you can’t get distracted by looking at the peak – you need to keep your eyes on the next step.

Rock on, Slash out!

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