Bringing Sally Up!

AO: > Lightning Rod

QIC: > Walkman

PAX: > Danish, Bunny, Giggles, Free Lunch, Quads, Kiwi, Slash, Ghost


> You could tell it was warmer (45ish) this morning as we all hung out in the courtyard longer than usual before getting started. 9 Pax including an FNG to end the week right!

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

Mosey to 52nd and down through the lower baseball field to the center of the football field. Windmill x 12, Slow high Knees x 12, Imperial Walkers x 12, Third Grade Exercise x 12, Monkey Humpers x 12.


The Pax completed a series of movements to the workout song “Bring Sally Up”. It’s 3 minutes and 24 seconds long, featuring extended holds in the down position. This was a U vs. U morning. The PAX was strong and fought hard through each one! We completed:

Merkins (I think Slash finished this one all the way through)

Squats (I think a few guys finished this one all the way through)

Dips (I don’t think anyone finished this one all the way through)

Lunges (several finished this one)

Pull ups (these ended up being more painful on grip/forearms than expected)


Bring Sally up with 6 inch leg lifts as the down position and leg raises (vertical) as the up.

Plank x 30 to finish it off


5 core tenets of an F3 workout

  • Always Free
  • Open to men of all fitness levels
  • Rain or shine
  • Peer led – no special requirements
  • Circle of Trust to wrap it up

Shared the Q source quadrants of Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right, and Leave Right. Discussed the Daily Red Pill and that freedom is the pre-determined ‘what’ that allows the complete focus on the ‘how’.

> Walkman