4/3/21 – 4,3,2,1

AO: Lava Field

QIC: Danish

PAX: Andy, Cherokee,Giggles, Lumbergh, Samurai, Slash, Stray Cat, Tater Tot, Walkman


42F, slight haze but an tickle of excitement in the air.

Warm up

Mosey 400m

SSH x 20

Fast High Knees x 20

Squats x 10

Windmills x 10

3rd Grade Exercise x 15

Lateral lunges x 10

Janes Fondas x 15 each side

3 x 50 yards strides (60%, 75%, 90%)

3 x 50 yard strides with 20 yards of fast feet

The Thang

Non stop. This takes 24 minutes.

4 sets of:

3 minutes Burpees

2 minutes hard running

1 minute Merkins


There was a TED article outlining the 7 types of rest you might need and how to go about getting it. The 7 types are: physical, mental, sensory, creative, emotional, social, and spiritual. Obvious advice would be to make sure you are carving out time for exercise, sleeping, screen-breaks, nature, and meditation. But two types of rest that I’ve never had words for before are emotional rest and social rest. Emotional rest is giving yourself time and space to freely express your feelings. (I think my twice-monthly therapy sessions satisfies this.) And to experience social rest spend time with positive and supportive people that “revive” you, and stay away from the relationships that drain you of energy.

Some great shares from Walkman, Slash and Lumbergh about how they incorporate tactics into their life to get these moments of emotional and social rest.


Over to Pfeiffer Park for the first annual Lava Field beer mile.

Lumbergh crushed it with a late surge over the final lap with Slash coming in second. Walkman rounded out the podium with plenty of foam being sprayed by Danish in 4th and Samurai shot gunning his way to 5th place.

We THEN randomly broke out into the Bring Sally Up Merkin challenge where Slash channeled the power of Zeus to somehow finish it out after everything we’d already done this morning. What a beast!

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