Pick up the Six!

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Walkman

PAX: Herbie, Kiwi, Slash, Bunny, Giggles, Danish


High 30’s and dry, pleasant way to start a Friday beatdown. Good attitude by the PAX with most of us chuckling about sore hip flexors from Slash’s Wednesday beatdown.

Warm up

Started to mosy but then realized Giggles is still rocking the ankle boot (what a champ) so we turned around and completed Windmill x 12, Slow high knees x 12, Monkey humpers x 12, third grade exercise x 12. Stuck around in the courtyard for the THANG.


The Pax completed a Deck of Death featuring Merkins (hearts), Big Bois (diamonds), Squats (clubs) and HC lunges (Spades), with bear crawls around the courtyard on Jokers (ouch). We crushed this way faster than expected (~27 minutes). A DoD is 94 reps of each exercise, so we rounded out each movement up to 100 (April Challenge day 2 completed!), and then we added alternating dips & step ups on the benches – completing 50 HC dips and 50 step ups.


Plank x 20, Left plan x 20, Right plank x 20, LBC’s x 25, Frozen Freddies x 10, flutter kicks x 15, LBX x 15.


I shared that my M decided to participate in a challenge with me this month, doing 100 HC lunges each day. She’s never done anything like this, but last night crawling into bed she mentioned that she had 30 left, and I encouraged her to complete them. She embraced it, and I jumped out of bed to pick up the six. Her response was ” you didn’t have to do that” and I loved taking the moment to share with her the value we find in always picking up the six. This is one of my favorite parts of F3 – there’s no virtue in being first (particularly if your form is bad), and there’s no real gain in being first, because then you’re going to go back and re-do the movement with the six. There’s a tremendous amount of value in developing that reflexive muscle of supporting a person right where they are, and putting in the work beside them. It’s a true execution of leadership, and I love this about F3.

Great work today!


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