3.31.21 Trip to the Zoo

AO: >Lighting Rod

QIC: > Slash

PAX: > Herbie, Stray Cat, Walkman, Danish, Kiwi, Dockers, Giggles


Mid 30’s and crystal clear. Giggles just got his leg brace off and was ready for action.

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

x20 SSH

X15 Imperial walkers

X15 Fast high knees

x15 Alligators (fingers on temple, bring elbows together and back out flexing blades together)

x15 Gorilla Humpers

x10 Froggers (plank to wide squat to stand, back to plank)

x10 Grady corns (hands stretched in front, hands in T, hands together above head)

The Thang

Mosey to the curb for 15 curb merkins with right hand on ground and left hand on curb. Change sides 15 merkins. All in cadence.

Trip to the Zoo

Pax line up at goal line. Animal walk to 50yard line, with early finishers brining up the six:

  • Frog walk (like frogger warmup but moving hands forward each round and no standing up, aka Kill the Bunny with no coupon)
  • Duck walk
  • Sneaky gorilla (sit on right ankle and bring left leg forward laterally, shift weight to left ankle and bring right leg forward laterally)
  • Monkey walk (squat position body turned to school, move hands forward and hop feet up) rotate to other side at 25yds
  • Monkey lifts (like the walk but hand standing instead of hopping)
  • Bear holds to crab holds callouts, stationary on 50 yard line (left side flips up and over or right side flips up and over)
  • Scorpions (bear hold to crab hold with handstands while flipping forward while moving down to end zone). Rotate sides at 25yards (holy hell these got me dizzy!)

15 merkins every 100 yards, finishing with 30 merkins.


Mosey back to courtyard

10 merkins to get to 100 total

Ran out of time for abs.


Compound interest

We’re at the end of the merkin challenge. The improvements we’ve made reminds me of the concept of compound interest – earning small amounts of interest on the original investment plus the interest on interest can really add up. Each round of merkins each day (maybe 10-15 at a time) has really added up! Physically and mentally. If you only did 100 each day, that’s over 2hrs of straight up merkins! I also learned I’m sick of merkins and need diversity in my challenge routine or else I go overboard.

Danish shared that adding modifications during challenges (different number of reps per set, wide/narrow grip) is a great idea to keep things fresh, progressing and prevent injury.

Walkman shared that go30 challenges goals should be personal and not necessary physical. It’s an impetus to do something meaningful that you would’ve had done on your own and want the group to hold you accountable to.

Rock on! SLASH

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