Who needs Hamstrings?

AO: >Lighting Rod

QIC: > Bunny

PAX: > Herbie, Danish, Stray Cat, Walkman, Kiwi


Dreary and 37F to start the day right

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

x25 SSH

x20 Windmills

X15 Left, right jab

x20 Donkey Kicks (10 on each side)

x20 3rd grade exercise

The Thang

Mosey up the street to the second roundabout and down to track. Chatter about weekends, spring break etc. Walkman said the fartsack was calling this am – I couldn’t agree more.

Lunge & Merkin challenge

Pax line up on one side of football field. Lunge across to the other side, and drop for 30 merkins. Rinse and repeat until you hit 300 merkins.

Most of us completed 6-8 sets for 180-240 merkins. Danish was the only to complete 300.


Mosey back to courtyard

20 xLBC and we were out of time


We discussed the very real gains we are all feeling from the Merkin challenge, how important it is to stick with a goal, and ways to apply that to other parts of our lives.

Moment of silence for prayer/positivity.

Over and out,