Speak it into existence

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Walkman

PAX: Herbie, Kiwi, Samurai, Giggles, Danish


Low 40’s and dry, pleasant way to start a Friday beatdown.

Warm up

Mosied down to the track and circled up for

Monkey Humpers x 10

Imperial Walkers x 10

Mtn Climber x 10

Donkey Kicks x 10

Wall sits with

Cherry Pickers x 12

OHP x 12

Moroccan Night club x12

Seal clap x 12


Started at the end zone, completed Frog Merkins to the other end zone. A ‘frog merkin’ is a Merkin, followed by pulling your legs up to your arms like you’re about to stand up, and then falling forward into another Merkin. Took around 70 to get to the other side.

Mosied back to the starting side

Completed touchdown lunges all the way to the other end zone. A touchdown lunge is a lunge with your arms up like you’re indicating a touchdown.

Mosied back to the starting side

Completed Frog Merkin Broad Jumps down the field to the other end zone. This is a Frog Merkin, followed by a broadjump, back into frog merkin, etc. It took about 27 to finish.

Lots of chatter through these – they were hard! Pax did a great job picking up the six and seeing them through. YHC thought some pizza from the night before was going to make an appearance.

Headed to the wall for more wall sits, completed Chery Pickers x 10, OHP x 10.

Headed back to the ‘Rod.


Potty break x 10, Pickle Pounders x 10, Big Bois x 15, Frozen Freddies x 10, Plank x 20


I had shared on Monday the results for the month of turning off the Jester of video games for me. It’s been incredibly impactful, and culminated with a dream job offer for me this week.

I told a friend of mine about it, and he said ‘man it’s so awesome that you defined what you wanted just a few weeks ago and now it’s happening. It’s like you spoke it into existence!” This is so true, when you define what you want and go after it, it can happen!

I also shared a story I’d been told last weekend, about a couple who decided to sell everything they owned and walk from Brooklyn to Louisiana last year. They hit a major hurdle around Kentucky, as the M’s feet were being brutalized. They tried new shoes, modifying shoes, everything they could find. They made a decision that at the next town, if they couldn’t fix it, they’d be done. That same day, they walked under a tree that had a pair of shoes in it. They turned out to be a brand new pair of high end walking shoes, in her size. They allowed her to finish the trip. The came to call it ‘trail magic’. They kept finding that once they spoke about what they needed, it would happen in crazy ways.

You can speak amazing things into your life!

Great work today!


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