To Infinity and Beyond

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Walkman

PAX: Danish, Stray Cat, Kiwi


A light drizzle, and 41 degrees with wet ground as 4 HIM’s started their week off right.

Warm Up

Sun Salutations x 5

Slow High Knees x 15

Scissor Arms x 15

WindMill x 10

Mosy to the track


Jogged to the far side 100M line, completed ‘infinity plank’ of Merkin x 25, Plank x 20, Shoulder tap x 20.

Sprinted 100M

Jogged to next 100M line, completed 10 ‘infinity squat’. This is a split squat, split squat, jump squat done in cadence.

Sprinted 100M

Jogged to first 100M line and repeated x 4.

Mosied back to the ‘Rod.


Big Bois x 25

Side to Side Heel touches x 15

Slow Flutter Kick x 10

LBC x 25

Big Bois x 3


Shared my experience with banishing a Jester for the month of march. My go30 Challenge this month was to not play video games. They’d been creeping into my life as a pleasant distraction and I found myself killing time with them instead of using that time creatively or productively. I’ve had an absolutely stellar March, and I think a huge piece of it is not having that distraction. The draw is still there, but the accountability of the go30 challenge has made it easy to dismiss. Danish asked how I’m going to re-integrate, if at all, and I’m not sure yet, but if there’s a Jester in your life, really consider putting it to the side for a period to see how it’s absence changes your life.

Great work – Walkman

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