Who’s Your Paddy?

AO: >Lighting Rod

QIC: > Slash

PAX: > Herbie, Stray Cat, Walkman, Danish, Lumbergh, Kiwi, Sherpa, Dockers, Bunny, Samurai


Mid 30’s and high St Paddy’s energy with Herbie in head to toe green, Lumbergh in a crocodile hat and Danish rocking some new red.

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

x20 SSH

x20 Imperial walkers

X20 Fast high knees

x20 Squat jacks

x10 Windmills

x10 Gorilla humpers

x12 Blades of steel

The Thang

Riverdancing + swimming

Mosey to the curb for 30x good ole Celtic Riverdancing (alternating toe taps on curb) in cadence. Followed by 30x swimmers (on belly fluttering arms and legs) in cadence.


Pax line up at goal line. Squat walk w/ arms raised overhead holding your pot of gold. End together at opposite goal line.

Return to starting goal line by leprechaun leaping back – broad jumps with a squat first.

Merkin ladders

Start in end zone and target 50 yrd line to squat walk with arms raised (holding your pot of gold) to. Start with 20 merkin. Sprint to 50yr. 19 merkins. Squat back to launch point. 18 merkins. Continue decreasing merkin count down to 1 merkin. Total of 210 merkins!


Mosey back to courtyard

x20 frozen Freddy mercuries

x20 six inches

x 15 flutter kicks

x15 Freddy mercuries

x15 LBC


Traditions – new and old

We often follow traditions or they’re handed to us, but we talked about ways to start new traditions/rituals that further our purpose and fulfill us. Danish, Lumbergh and Walkmen shared how they instill daily traditions (like meeting the day w/ gratitude). Also – Lumbergh likes whiskey.