A man needs help to get right

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Walkman

PAX: Herbie, Lumbergh, Bunny, Sandbag, Samurai, Slash


A cold clear 33 degrees met us this morning. Wet ground lead to some chilly fingertips!

Warm up

Mosied to the track and did 3/4 of a lap with some high knees, butt kickers, and skip jumps. Circled up in the end zone for Windmill x 12, Arm scissor x 12, Third Grade x 12, Imperial walkers x 12.


Round 1: Bear Crawl / Broad Jumps alternating every 20 yards down the field. Everyone picked up the six when they finished, then we jogged back as a PAX.

Round 2: Same as above, adding 15 jump squats every 20 yards

Round 3: Same as above, switching to 10 merkins every 20 yards instead of jump squats.

Teamed up and grabbed a bar beside the track. One partner held plank while the other completed 10 pullups, 10 big bois, 10 decline real peter parkers, and then lunge walked across the track and back. Most teams completed ~3 rounds!


Frozen Freddie Mercuries (a freddie with a pause to the four count on each side) – x 12

LBX x 25

Flutter Kick x 12

Repeated each.


YHC shared a testimonial of A man needing help to get right. I had a brutal week last week and it lead to some serious struggles this weekend. I skipped the workout Friday, when I Really needed it the most, and my weekend was depressed and anxious, something I don’t deal with in my life. I was excited for Monday because by then I knew I needed the pax and the pickup of a beatdown. And (spoiler alert) it worked. I’m in a much better place because of it. Lumbergh and Slash shared reinforcement of it being ok to feel, and to acknowledge that is actually a sign of strength. Sandbag shared along the same lines. Great pickup by the PAX!


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