(2/20/21) 1000-degree Dethaw

AO: Lava Fields

QIC: Slash (V fuckin Q baby!)

PAX: Danish, Cherokee, Lumbergh, Samurai


~40F and foggy. Sun peeking out, good energy and all eager to be back at the LavaFields after the snowpocalypse. With Danish hot stepping to the tunes, we jumped right into the mosey.

Warm up

Mosey lap

21 Fast high knees

15 Monkey humpers

10 Lunge reaches

15 Imperial walkers

15 Plank pulses

10 Squat reaches

The Thang

100 reps of each movement, in perfect form. when you finish one movement, bring up the six with EC reps in the end zone with slow controlled form. Once all are done, start on the next movement.

1. Merkins

2. Squats

3. Big Bois

4. Triceps bow (just the tip) – merkin position with hands 12inch+ in front of shoulders, touch elbows to ground and back up

5. Reverse snow angels (dirty birds) – face down, touch hands above head, circle them to your 6 and touch hands

6. Bear Paws (Hard Count) – knees off ground, balance one 1 hand and 1 foot, hold, then rotate hand/foot

7. Squat Jacks

8. Plank Jacks

9. Burpees (made it through ~50)

10. LBCs (didn’t get to the final set)


Last two minutes:

X’s and 0’s holds (X: arms/legs 6inches up, 0: hollow body hold) on Q’s count


Shoveling snow. Ihad a realization when shoveling my neighbors driveways. It wasn’t a huge effort because of my training. Doing something positive for myself allowed me to help others. My ask was for the PAX to think about the opportunities for the skills/habits we build (even if just for ourselves) to impact others. Lumburgh shared more about his family’s grieving and expanded on his thoughts about getting right with your faith (check out his excellent slack msg).

Coffeeteria afterwards at Elka Bees. Indoors FTW!

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