The cold never bothered me anyway

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Walkman

PAX: Herbie, Samurai, Bunny


Chilly but dry, snow and ice on the ground kept us in the courtyard

Warm up

Sun Salutations x 10,

Warrior One Right leg, hands to heart center and left elbow to outside of right knee, open arms x 10, return to center, left elbow to inside of right knee, open arms x 10

Repeat with right leg


Everyone grabbed a bench in the courtyard. Crab Laterals x 10, Real Peter Parkers x 10, Squat Stomps x 20.

Lunge walk to the ice/snow and back x2.

Side to side heel touches x 20, Freddie Mercuries x 10, LBC x 30, Potty breaks x 10.

Lunge walks to the ice/snow and back x2.

Repeated the circuit 3x.


Shared a recent experience of losing an employee and how we could have kept him if our leadership had been willing to be Vulnerable. We tend to think of vulnerability as a weakness – something we have to hide. As leaders, we feel that stoicism, and ‘having it all together’ is what our people need to see/feel. We feel this inclination as leaders, as men, and as Americans. It’s something the culture presses on us. However, it takes real strength to be willing to admit failings, flaws, challenges, etc. When you’re willing to share those realities with the people you lead, you can have more honest and candid conversations, and you can gain a lot of respect and credibility. We failed as a company and lost a great employee because we weren’t willing to be vulnerable from the top down. YHC believes that you cannot really lead without being vulnerable.

Sore Cores brought to you by Walkman

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