Hump Day

AO: >Lighting Rod

QIC: > Bunny

PAX: >Samurai, Lumbergh, Walkman, Stray Cat, Slash, Dockers


Dry and 35F to start the day right

Warm Up (Circle of Pain) IC

x30 SSH

x20 Windmills

x20 3rd grade exercise

x20 arm scissors

x20 Donkey Kicks (10 on each side)

x20 Slow High Knees

The Thang

Mosey to track

bear crawl down last 2 sets of steps to track

OYO – Start mosey on track

At 100 meters, stop for x20 Merkins, next 100 meters, stop for x20 jump squats, stop x19 Merkins, stop x19 jump squats etc.

Rinse and repeat until sets of 15 Merkins and Jump Squats complete

Mosey to endzone on FB field

OYO Lateral Lunges to 10 yards (switch sides every 10 yards), stop for 20 shoulder taps (easy count) – continue the length of the field

10 count

Arm Circuit IC (4 count) – x20 arm circles, x10 reverse arm circles, x20 seal claps, x20 overhead presses


x30 LBX


We discussed approaching life with more intentionality. I talked about my struggles with organization and intention in different aspects of my life. F3, especially now that I am on Q, has really helped motivate me toward intentionality, and planning and organizing my life rather than letting it come to me. Lumbergh and Walkman talked about strategies, and the importance of doing things with intention in their own lives.

Lumbergh discussed planning at least one Fellowship/Fitness type event, or off-the-books get together. The polar plunge was a success, and he hopes to build on this momentum. It was good to have Dockers back for the day, who shared that now having 2 kids is definitely a major life change.

All in all, a good workout, and great camaraderie.

Moment of silence for prayer and/or positive energy.

Over and out,