Circuit City

AO: >Lighting Rod

QIC: > Bunny

PAX: > Danish, Lumbergh, Walkman, Stray Cat, Slash


Rain and 38F to start the day right

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

x30 SSH

x25 Windmills

x25 3rd grade exercise

x20 arm scissors

The Thang

Mosey to track, and one lap around.

Getting jacked up with some Navy cadence – turning into shooters, cutters, and drinkers.

Circuit City (shout out to F3 Pittsburgh for inspiration)

10 count after each circuit

Plank Circuit IC: low plank x25, right plank x15, left plank x15, high plank x15, shoulder taps x10, plank jacks x10

Arm Circuit IC: arm circles x20, reverse x20, seal claps x20, overhead claps x20, overhead press x20

Squat Circuit IC: Squat x20, narrow squat x20, sumo squat x20

Lunge Circuit IC (8 rounds): right forward, right side, right rear, left rear, left side, left forward for each round

Mosey back to courtyard

Slash remarked on having to go Silence of the Lambs on the narrow squats to avoid some serious damage.

Merkin Circuit IC: Merkin x 20, incline merkin x20, decline merkin x10, merkin x15

Lunge Circuit again (6 rounds because we finished sooner than expected)


x30 LBX

x20 flutter kicks

x25 LBC

x20 superman

x20 Merkins


We discussed the importance of work in overall happiness and wellbeing. I will be working again after being laid off since July, and I feel new appreciation for how important work is in achieving fulfillment. The PAX discussed how important feeling productive is in their own lives.

We also talked about Danish’s upcoming Saturday polar plunge, and a little fellowship after Friday’s fitness. The pax will bring coffee and stick around for about 15-30 mins on Friday. Wish I could be at both events, but I will be at the Coast.

Over and out,