Deck of Death to your upper body

AO: >Lighting Rod

QIC: > Bunny

PAX: > Danish, Herbie, Walkman, Stray Cat


Moist and 36F to start the day right

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

x25 SSH

x20 Slow high knees

x20 3rd grade exercise

x10 MHs

x20 arm scissors

x10 BKs

The Thang

Mosey to Roundabout and back to courtyard

Chit chat about the weekend – pax seem chipper.

Deck of Death

Hearts – Merkins

Diamonds – Dips

Spades – Incline Merkins

Clubs – Box Jumps modified to step ups due to conditions

No Jokers in deck – supposed to be shoulder taps

Merkins and dips really started to add up, but pax pushed through – finishing with 5 minutes to spare.


x25 LBC

x20 flutter kicks

x20 shoulder taps to make up for no jokers

x20 LBX

x25 superman

x10 Squats because my timing wasn’t great 🙂


We discussed the importance of taking your spouse/partner/queen out of the everyday routine of kids etc., and reconnecting on a deeper level. I was able to go out of town for a night with just my wife, and even though we know how important these things are, it is still surprising how much these outings can rejuvenate relationships. Pax talked about strategies for incorporating more of this into our everyday routines.

We took a final moment of silence for prayer or positive thoughts.

(Countorama, Nameorama slightly delayed due to forgetting my phone, running back to my car to get it, and almost getting attacked by a poodle)

Over and out,