Coupons and Planks!

AO: > Lightning Rod

QIC: > Walkman

PAX: > Lumbergh, Danish, Bunny, Herbie


> 42 degrees F and dry, slightly overcast. PAX arrived early to help me unload Coupons for a great Friday in the gloom.

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

> 10 Sun Salutations – Mountain -> halfway lift -> plank -> Chataranga -> upward dog -> downward dog.

Mosy to 62nd and back to the hill.

The Thang

> Partnered up for this one:

Person 1: Coupon Squat x 10, Coupon Swing x 10, carry coupon up the hill, Curl x 15, Row x 15, carry coupon back down the hill and switch with person 2.

Person 2: Hold plank until your partner is back.

Reminded the pax that in this type of workout, your partner is your motivation to push hard and to move quickly. We were able to maintain about 4 minute splits, which is impressive!


> LBX x 25, Flutter kick x 15, Leg lift x 20 (YHC screwed up the count for a bit on this one, thanks for the patience PAX!), LBC x 15.


> Quote I’d heard earlier in the week: ” Leadership is a social process”. It’s a continuous dynamic of leading and following between the participants.

> Great work today!

– Walkman