Legs and Leadership

AO: > Lightning Rod

QIC: > Walkman

PAX: > Bunny, Herbie, Lawn Boy, FNG (Stray Cat)


> 40 degrees and slightly overcast, dry ground and clear morning in the gloom. We were joined by an FNG who found us through a friend in Charlotte who knew of Angus, as well as Lawn Boy from the Houston Area who’s in town to visit family. Quick introductions and we kicked off right at 530.

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

> Jogged to 62nd and back to the tennis courts, circled up for Windmill x 12, slow high knees x 12, third grade exercise x 12, arm scissors x 12, squat x 10 and then mosied to the track.

The Thang

>Wall Sits with cherry pickers x 15, Moroccan night club x 15, OHP x 15, Forward arm circles x 15, backward arm circles x 15.

Started in the end zone – broad jumps to the other end, stopping every 10 yards for squat jumps. 3 @ the 10, 6 @ the 20, 9 @ the 30, 12 @ 40, 15 @ 50, then descending – 12 @ 40, 9 @ 30, etc.

Jogged back to the original end zone and repeated the structure with lunge walks and side lunges (one on each side counted as 1).

Pax finished strong and mosied back to the ‘Rod.


> LBC x 25, Flutterkick x 10.


> To Lead is to go before, but it is also to be followed. A ‘leader’ who only goes before and isn’t followed is just wandering around on his own, having lost his people on the way. A leader casts vision and takes his people in that direction, to do so is both a responsibility and a privilege. A privilege to be trusted and followed, a responsibility to do it well and to cast a vision that is aligned with the needs of the followers.

> Tomorrow’s sore legs brought to you by Walkman