Shield Lock

AO: > Lightning Rod

QIC: > Walkman

PAX: > Bunny, Herbie, Millie Vanilli, Lumbergh, Danish


>45 with wet ground but no falling water. PAX arrived on time and we kicked things off in the Gloom.

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

> Jogged to 52nd and then down to Division, circled up by the pathway for Windmill x 15, slow high knees x 15, Third Grade exercise x 15, squats x 10 and mosied to the track.

The Thang

>Descending Ladder of Real Peter Parkers, with lunge walks across the track (width) and back in between. 10 RPP’s, lunge walk, 9 RPP’s, lunge walk…This was tough to finish and had all of our legs burning!

Baby Dora in three teams of two. Each team completed 75 Burpees, 100 Squat Jumps, 200 mountain climbers. Worked up a sweat with some positive chatter to keep the PAX going!


> Plank x 15, Flutter kick x 25


>Q1.7 Shield Lock. Men hunt as a pack and share the rewards horizontally. Whereas your M and Shorties will give you feedback if you’re committing malpractice, your friends typically won’t, and relationships require constant acceleration. The Shield lock is beneficial for mutual defense against the flux, and requires 3P – Proximate, Purpose, and Periodic in order to thrive.

> Weekend soreness brought to you by Walkman