AO: > Lightning Rod

QIC: > Walkman

PAX: > Herbie, Lumbergh, Danish, Bunny, Millie Vanilli


> 44 and gloomy. High overcast with wet ground but no falling water. Pax seemed pretty cheery, everyone arrived on time with some light chatter to begin.

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

> Mosied to 58th and down to Division, stopping for a public display of warmup between the HS and ES.

Third Grade Exercise x 15, Squats x 10, windmill x 10, scissor arms x 10, merkin x 10, monkey humpers x 10, slow high knees x 10

Then mosied to the tennis courts.

The Thang

> Cave dweller ascending ladder. HR Merkin x 1, bear crawl across 1 tennis court, mtn. climber x 1, bear crawl back. Repeats increasing by 1 each round, finishing at 10 of each. Great push by the PAX to finish this one!

Mosied to the bathroom walls for Wall Sits. Cherry pickers x 15, forward arm circles x 15, overhead press x 15, backward arm circles x 15.

Finished with a circuit at the playground. Pull ups x10, decline merkins x10, shoulder taps x10, step ups x7, box jumps x10, and LBC’s x20. One round of each.


> U x 10, LBx x 30, Plank x 20 with alternating leg up, superman x 10, Plank Jack x 10, Superman Jack x 10, LBC x 20, Big Bois x 7 took us home.


> Shared the five tenets from Q1.5, M.

  • Maintenance = deceleration
  • The culture is a jester
  • Your spouse is not your best friend
  • There is no 50 yard line
  • Joy trumps happiness

Took a moment of silence for each of us to reflect on a point that might hit home for our most important relationship and shared with the PAX.

> Tomorrow’s soreness brought to you by Walkman