The Jester and Pearl Harbor

AO: > Lightning Rod

QIC: > Walkman

PAX: > Danish, Bunny


> Chilly and clear at 38 degrees. Danish and YHC showed up a bit early, Bunny showed up just as we started our warmup.

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

> Side Lunge x 20, Windmill x 20, Slow High Knees x 20, Forward arm circles x 20, Backward arm circles x 20, jog down to 58th and then mosy to the track.

The Thang

> We did a descending ladder of Squat Jumps and Real Peter Parker’s as we ran around the track. Every 100 meters we stopped and performed an exercise, starting with 20 RPP’s, 100 meters, 19 SJ’s, 100 meters….repeated down to 1 and finished with a few minutes to spare. Completed wall sits with 15 cherry pickers, 15 overhead press, and 15 Morrocan night clubs.


> U x 15, LBC x 30, Superman x 15, U x 15, LBX x 20, Superman x 10


>Shared about the Jester, and how chaos and lack of planning is what invites him in. For YHC, it’s the mental chaos of the time and some things going on in our lives that caused him to rear up this weekend. Consequently, I sacrificed my Queen and ate like a trash panda, and spent more time playing video games than I would have liked. The Jester makes his way in when you feel chaotic, and don’t plan for him.

> Tomorrow’s soreness brought to you by Walkman