Bye, Bye Legs

AO: > Lightning Rod

QIC: > Lumbergh

PAX: > Bunny, Danish, Dockers


> Another beautifully gloomy day in the PNW, 43 degrees, with a little moisture to keep us a cool and ready for the Thang!

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

  • SSH x 25
  • Windmill x 15
  • Scissor Arm x 15
  • Monkey Humpers x 10
  • Slow High Knees x 15
  • Butt Kickers x 15
  • SSH x 25

Mosey to the track


50 Squat Jacks

Slow n low squats IC x 40, mosey across the field (stay together)
SnL IC x 30, mosey across the field and back
SnL IC x 20, mosey across the field three times
SnL IC x 10, mosey across the field there and back twice

wall sits x 40 IC, run the length of the track
x 30 IC, run the length of the track and back
x 20 IC, run the length of the track three times
x 10 IC, run the length of the track there and back twice

50 Skaters

Back to the Lightning Rod


> Finished on the 6, Flutter kicks x 15, Spread Eagle x 15


First one start with a song that I listen to to help shape my mindset and aid me in my approach for the day. The song is ‘Revolutionary’ by Josh Wilson

Maybe you’re not like me
Maybe we don’t agree
Maybe that doesn’t mean
We gotta be enemies
Maybe we just get brave
Take a big leap of faith
Call a truce so me and you
Can find a better way

Let’s take some time, open our eyes, look and listen, yeah
And we’re gonna find we’re more alike than we are different, yeah

Why does kindness seem revolutionary
When did we let hate get so ordinary
Let’s turn it around, flip the script
Judge slow, love quick
God help us get revolutionary

Not only is the message strong, this song reminds me that we have so much to be thankful for. And while the wait of the world hangs in the balance, there are so many struggle under it. We should showcase our gratitude, especially as we lead into tomorrow’s holiday and it’s core principles.

“The only guarantee in life is death, and the only guarantee in death is its shocking unpredictability.” ― Brian Herbert, The Machine Crusade

While the weigh of this sentiment is not lost on me, the intention is simple, encouragement to live for the moment. The end of our days will come, but have a profound opportunity to seize the time in front us and make the most of it. I lay this break b/c I recently lost a colleague unexpectedly. She was amazing person and gave her most day in, day out, and sadly she past away of the weekend. This came as a big shock to many and just wanted to speak into a little bit of what has been on my heart lately. We don’t know what tomorrow brings but do know what we can do with our day today. Pour into yourself, your family, and others. Be a beacon of light that draws people near and be grateful for it.

Remember –> Plant, Serve, Grow.

> That’s a wrap, Lumbergh