Creative ways to Strive

AO: > Lightning Rod

QIC: > Walkman

PAX: > Bunny, Lumbergh, Angus, Danish, Dockers


> Wet and Cold. Pax showed up just before 530 ready to rock and roll in the rain.

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

> Jog to 62nd and back to the corner of 52nd. Step ups Left leg x 15, Merkin x 10, Step up Right leg x 15, Merkin x 10, Third Grade exercise x 15. Mosy to the track

The Thang

> Started in the end zone. Frog Merkins to the other endzone, stopping each 20 yards to complete 25 LBC’s on the hard count.

Gorilla walk squats back to the original endzone, stopping every 20 yards to complete 25 Freddie Mercuries on the hard count.

Touchdown lounges to the 40 and back, stopping every 20 yards to do 5 merkins.

Mosy back to the Rod.


> Superman x 15, Plank x 15, Superman Jacks x 15, Plank Jacks x 15


> Started a conversation about intentionality and how difficult it is to find adult peers who are also striving in their lives. Most of our relationships are on ‘autopilot’ like much our lives – functions of convenience and history rather than intention and future. F3 helps us realize there is more, starting with our physicality and expanding into the fellowship with men who are also willing to push and try to ‘wake up’ more and more. We may not be striving for the same things, but to be close to other men who I know are working to be their best, to accomplish their goals, to be be leaders is encouraging and appreciated. We thanked Angus for starting this AO as he will be out of the state for a few months.

> Soreness brought to you by Walkman