Gratitude on Veterans Day

AO: > Lightning Rod

QIC: > Walkman

PAX: > Lumbergh, Angus, Bunny, Danish


> 40 degrees and wet. No falling water and surprisingly clear skies. PAX was all early with some early morning chatter.

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

> Jogged to 62nd, down 62nd and back to the bottom of the hill. Looked for Good Morning Merkins but didn’t come across anyone – most of PDX chose the fart sack apparently. We did hill sprints and jogged back down between exercise sets. Slow High Knees x 20, Third Grade Exercise x 20, Arm Scissors x 20, Squat x 10 and then mosied to the track.

The Thang

> In the spirit of Veterans day we moved between workout stations on the track as a PAX, alternating Jogging and Skip Jumps between stations, in a line together.

Station 1 – Wall sits with Cherry Pickers x 15, forward arm circles x 15, backward arm circles x 15, overhead press x 15.

Station 2 – Plank x 20, Left/Right Plank x 20, Shoulder taps x 20, Peter Parkers x 20

Station 3 – LBC’s x 30, Flutter kick x 30, Freddie Mercury x 30, Box Cutters x 20. YHC had a hard time breathing/counting those LBC’s again.

Station 4 – Wall sits with Can Can x 15, Morrocan night club x 15, Seal clap x 15, Overhead clap x 20 to let the lone jogger pass us (we got his GMM’s at station 1).

Repeated Station 1 and 2 before heading back to the Lightning Rod.


> No time. In hindsight should have completed 1 LBC.


> Commenting on Veterans day itself felt inauthentic for YHC, but allowed for a good conversation around gratitude. Both that which we express (to others), and that which we carry around with us. We spent time sharing in CoT the things that we are all grateful for on a consistent basis. Danish shared a wonderful gratitude practice that he uses. Whole PAX took time to reflect on the areas of life they are constantly grateful for. We acknowledged that gratitude is often manifested by contrast – the things we’re most grateful for tend to be those that we have the most awareness around how their absence feels. These acknowledgements of contrast, and our abundance, serve as a ‘fill up’ for our piggy bank of good will and grace. It’s very challenging to extend grace with an empty piggy bank, and very easy to refill the bank by exploring gratitude.

> Today’s sore shoulders/kneck brought to you by Walkman