11/9/20 – Touching cloth

AO: Lightening Rod

QIC: Danish

PAX: Angus, Bunny, Lumbergh

Conditions: 29F and misty. Perfect for burning up our muscles

Warm up (Circle of Pain)

SSH x 25

Windmill x 15

SSH x 20

Slow High Knees x 15

Scissor Arms x 15

Fast High Knees x 20

3rd Grade Exercise x 15

Mosey to the track


Incline push up x 12

Inverted Row x 12

Squat jumps x 12

Lunge to center field

Burpees x 10

Jog to west of track and then back to starting point

Repeat 6 times

Mosey back to LR

Flutter kicks x 20

Ab holds x 15

Box cutters x 12

Flutter kicks x 20

Plank x 10

Side Plank (left) x 10

Side Plank (Right) x 10


Embracing the Pain

This was my mantra for all the tough times in races and training I had but I realized how good it was to apply that to everyday life. Our own struggles are what makes us better but only if we adapt and learn from our mistakes. You can also actively put yourself in uncomfortable situations so that you are adapted for the future.

Some great examples from the PAX about how they have been doing this in their life.

Thank you for all of you for being here. Every single one of you are here to better yourself. Whether it’s to be a better father, brother, son, husband, friend, human, coworker, you’re doing it by being present here and working on yourself. When your mind commits, your body follows so every time you show up, it’s motivation for everyone of us here to show up, do good, be right.

Peace, Danish

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