The Big Tam

AO: Lightning Rod

QIC: Danish

Pax: Angus, Buck, Dockers, Lumbergh, Walkman


61F and humid

Warm up (Circle of Pain)

SSH x 25

Windmill x 15

SSH x 20

Slow High Knees x 10

Scissor Arms x 15

Fast High Knees x 15

Side Lunge x 10

Mosey to the track

The Thang

This workout was inspired by James Bond’s female counterparts after Sean Connery’s death on Saturday.

Pussy Galore

20 x Pickle Pounders

Bear Crawl 15 yards

20 x Rowers

Bear Crawl 15 yards

20 x Pickle Pounders

Bear Crawl 15 yards

Honey Rider

Jog to west side of track

10 x Squat Jumps

10 x Burpees

10 x Merkins

Jog to east side of track

Holly Goodhead

20 x Glute Bridge

10 x Inverted Row

10 x Tricep Dips

Jog to west side of track

Keep repeating Honey Rider and Holly Goodhead while increasing the Holly Goodhead IR and TD reps by 5 each time. Continue until you reach 30 reps of those.

Mosey to the LR

Pistol Squats x 15

Merkin x 15

Ab holds x 20

Flutter kicks x 30

Ab holds x 15

Side Lunge x 10

Squat jumps x 20


Control of our thoughts.

I know many of us are thinking about the election and what if it doesn’t go the way I voted. Fear, despair, panic, sadness, the unknown. You are what you pay attention to and that attention is an amplifier. It shines a spotlight and signals importance. Where focus goes, energy flows.

We have control of our thoughts. Sometimes it easier than other times. I want to bring this up because even though I’m not suffering stress from the election, others all around me are and they’re all actively fueling the fire. The focus is being put on every bit of negative when they have control of their future. If you don’t like it, are you actively going out and collecting signatures, raising funds, etc. Complaints are worthless if you’re not doing anything about it. I’m not saying this to you as a group because that’s what anyone is doing. I’m saying it because maybe we can help those around us and how they view their own world and try to ease their tension.

My challenge to you is to be the example. Be the one who can help guide and motivate people through this time.

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