AO: > Lightning Rod

QIC: > Walkman

PAX: > Lumbergh, Angus, Bunny, Danish, Buck


> 43 degrees and clear but it sure felt like a lower 30’s morning. Everyone was early and had some chatter to kick off the day. Daylight savings brought us some early Dawn during the workout which was refreshing.

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

> Third Grade x 15, Windmill x 15, Arm Scissors x 15, Slow high knees x 15, Imperial walkers x 15 with runs around the courtyard in between the first 4 exercises.

The Thang

> Everyone claimed a bench we completed a set of movements at each bench, with a transition movement to get us to the bench across from us. First set was

Slow squat x 20, Bear Crawl Bulgarian split squat left leg x 20, Bear crawl, Bulgarian split squat right leg x 20, Bear crawl

Real Peter Parker x 15, Lunge walk, Merkin x 15, Lunge Walk, Burpee x 15, Lunge Walk

LBC x 30, Broad Jump, Big Bois x 30, Broad Jump, American Hammer x 20, Broad Jump

Box Jumps x 30, Al Gore, Step ups right leg x 30, Al Gore, Step up left leg x 30, Al Gore

Repeated the cycle with the leg reps x 15, chest reps x 10, core reps x 20 (15 American Hammers), and bench work x 20.

For what it’s worth, YHC was having a hard time breathing while calling the count during LBC’s (after burpee’s & lunge walk). Serious mental panic over amount of oxygen/C02 in my body, amusing in hindsight and good for mental discipline but a 10 count prior would have likely been good for the PAX if I’m any indication – apologies for missing it.


> Plank x 20, Side planks x 20 each side. Flutter Kick x 15.


> With our Go30 Challenge starting today we discussed Accountability.

Holding someone accountable is the process of helping them compare outcomes to goals and identifying the activities, attitudes, and beliefs that lead to success or failure. It’s shining a light on their blind spots, and helping them decide how they’ll grow.

Being held accountable is submitting your blind spots to the lens of someone else, and asking them to help you see. This is why permission is required. If you don’t give me permission, and I try to hold you accountable, I’m just an asshole pointing out your flaws as I perceive them. But with your permission, we can help each other see. We can eliminate our own blind spots by submitting to other people’s lens and asking for help. This requires others, as a man needs help getting right.

Accountability requires a standard. An unarguable position with which we can create a comparison. if your goal includes arguable language – terms like ‘some, a little, etc’ you can’t be accountable to it, and we can’t hold you accountable. The language matters and we must insist, for each other, that the language is clear and goals well defined.

If this sounds uncomfortable, it is. Most people have a negative impression of accountability. It’s not fun to have light shined on darkness. In the short term it doesn’t bring joy. But in the long run it brings freedom. We often conflate blind spots with moral failures. we often picture being yelled at or having an awkward conversation as the manifestation of being held accountable. It triggers shame and guilt as the primary motivators of better actions and beliefs. This is counter productive and wrongly done. Shame and guilt are not required to hold someone accountable, and they are often wildly ineffective.

That is why the ‘how’ matters. Not just the slack channel or text message vehicles we’ve identified, but what you want it to sound like when I hold you accountable. How do you want me to bring it up with you if i see your attitudes or actions not aligning with your goal? What would you like me to say that will help you be open to what I’m sharing and not guarded or defensive?

With that, and for the circle of trust, I want to you to know that you each have my permission to bring up me missing my goal, in this time (CoT) or via phone or text. If you see that I haven’t read for 30 minutes the day prior, id like it to be brought up directly. Please ask me what broke down in my process and help me identify why I didn’t do it. Then help me plan for my next 30 minutes. I also want you to know that if you’ve never held someone accountable, if you’ve never approached someone to positively identify a blind spot for them, and you want some language, it’ll be posted in slack and I’m happy to talk through it with you.

> Today’s accountability brought to you by Walkman