A Well Laid Brick

AO: > Lightening Rod

QIC: > Walkman

PAX: > Lumbergh, Buck, Bunny, Danish


> Surprisingly warm and overcast for mid October. A bit of chatter to kick off the morning and Lumbergh showed up just in time for our Mosy down to 62nd and back to the school entrance on 52nd while doing Good Morning Merkins – believe we had (50) in total throughout the morning.

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

> Perfect plank combo today. Plank x 20, Merkin x 10, Shoulder tap x 20. Left leg up Plank x 15, Merkin x 5, Shoulder tap x 15, Right leg up Plank x 15, Merkin x 5, Shoulder tap x 15. Solid work by the PAX here, that was tough!

Mosied to the back entrance of the football field and climbed under/around the gate as apparently it doesn’t get opened.

The Thang

> Partner relay. Broke into teams of (2) and (3). Each team had to complete Rows (100, 150), Bulgarian split squats on each leg (100, 150), and big bois (100, 225) then we completed a six man run for 400M. Mosied to the lightening rod.


> Got back to the ‘Rod at 6:12 and completed LBC’s x 30, American Hammers x 15, Peter Parkers x 30, Mtn climbers x 30.


> Shared more from Q1.1 on the ‘how’ of Q1: Get Right.

  • A man needs help to get right
  • A disruptor must come along to help them turn over the boat and commit to real movement and growth
  • Over time, and more importantly iterations of commitments, the amateur turns pro
  • The pro is someone who prepares mentally and physically for the likely and unlikely situations they’ll find themselves in
  • They make taking the red pill a habit, a routine so ingrained that to break it would require a conscious decision that conflicts with hundreds or thousands of successfully executed commitments
  • The first red pills are the toughest to swallow. The consequences are more sever because there’s no momentum yet. But continued action creates acceleration, leading to momentum, and making each successive red pill that much less painful.
  • This is true across all 3 F’s.
  • Momentum in all 3 F’s leads amateurs to become HIM’s (High Impact Men).

From the QSource:

” The HIM constructs his Routines through the process of bricklaying. Each individual Brick is a singular positive habit that is light enough for him to carry and place together with other bricks. Conjoined, the Bricks become a Routine that form and build his Guardrails. Once a Brick is set, it provides a place to lay the next Brick. Because it is set, the HIM has effectively deprived himself of the discretion to remove it. This enables him to focus his full energy on performing his Routines because he doesn’t have to waste energy thinking about it.”

“While Discretion may be the freedom to decide what to do in a given situation, for a man without Guardrails discretion is a cage with velvet bars – it will lead him to take the blue pill. The HIM learns that there is nothing liberating in having to decide what to do in every situation. True Freedom is the pre-determined what that allows the full focus on the how.”

Shout out: A note of praise to everyone present. Well done laying another brick, keep turning pro in all aspects of your life.

> Today’s beatdown brought to you by Walkman