Legs? Where were going, we don’t need legs.

AO: > Lightening Rod

QIC: > Walkman

PAX: > Lumbergh, Angus, Danish, Buck, Bunny, Herbie, Booch, Crazy chicken


> 50 degrees with shining stars greeted our largest native PAX at the Lightening Rod. The Hillsboro crew made the commute and were really, really glad they didn’t have to walk home. Angus looked like he’d completed his 3 miles already and there was some light chatter before kicking things off.

Warm Up (Circle of Pain)

> Warm up circle of Slow High Knees x 20, Imperial Walkers x 20, and Arm Scissors x 20 prior to a circuit of lunge walks and Real Peter Parkers (RPP’s). Everyone picked a bench and did 10 RPP’s (Decline Pushup w/ a peter parker), then lunge walked to the middle and back, then a set of 9….8…7…..all the way to completion. YHC was overzealous in design the night before and thought an RPP should contain an extra pushup between each leg of the Peter Parker, but the first set of 10 set him straight and we corrected the exercise for all. Arms, shoulders, and legs properly warmed up, we mosied to the football field.

The Thang

> Everyone lined up on the goal line and we proceeded to sprint to the 20, complete 20 LBC’s, and backward lunge back to the goal line. Repeated to the 40 (40 LBC’s), the opposite 20 (60 LBC’s), the opposite 20 (80 LBC’s), and then all the way to the opposite goal line for 100 LBC’s to finish. We leave no man behind, so everyone picked up the six and supported the final LBC’s and final run together. We had a few minutes to spare, so we ran over to the wall and completed wall sits with Cherry Pickers x 15, Overhead Press x 15, and forward arm circles x 15, because who needs legs and shoulders anyway? Mosied back to the Lightening Rod.


> Plank x 25, Side Plank x 15 on each side, Hollywoods x 15 on each side, Freddie Mercury’s x 15, Plank x 20 to round it out.


> Shared the ‘Get Right’ Q as encouragement and direction for the PAX. Angus reminded us of the analogy of having a flipped over boat while trying to cross a river. You must rightside the boat, and get back in, to make any progress towards your goal.

> Today’s beatdown brought to you by Walkman